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This depends on how far advanced the picking process is. If the goods have not yet been picked, the order can still be cancelled, please send an email. If the order has already been picked, we unfortunately no longer have the possibility to intervene. In this case, however, you can refuse to accept the package due to the right of withdrawal.
To receive the relevant payment information from Klarna, please contact Klarna's customer service https://www.klarna.com/at/kundenservice/. Only they can change your email address accordingly. Only they can change your email address accordingly. Unfortunately, we, Steinbach International GmbH, have no possibility to change the address at Klarna.
This depends on how far advanced the picking process is. If the goods have not yet been picked, the order can still be cancelled, please send an e-mail. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the order for technical reasons.
We currently deliver parcels exclusively via GLS. Pallet shipments are delivered in AT via the freight forwarder Bexity and in DE via the freight forwarder Schenker.
For ecological reasons, we do not print the invoice and enclose it with the package. The package therefore does not include a printed invoice as standard. After the goods have been dispatched, we send the invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address used in the webshop. Customers who have their own customer account in the webshop can also call up the invoice from their customer account at any time.
In order to be able to differentiate between INTEX and Steinbach articles internally, we put a 1 in front of INTEX article numbers (Steinbach articles begin with 0). The parts are still identical to those in your instructions.

Delivery/ Acceptance of goods

An automatic tracking link will be sent by email after the goods have been shipped. We try to send your goods as quickly as possible, but ask for your understanding that there may be slight delays, especially in the high season. If your order includes a Styrofoam pool, there may be waiting times of up to 6-8 weeks, as the pool liners are specially tailored to the customer's wishes and are therefore a personalised product.
Please send us an email with your complaint. Our employees will take care of your request as soon as possible.
Please send us an email with your complaint. Our employees will take care of your request as soon as possible.


Within the legal right of withdrawal, you can return the goods free of charge. If you have a customer account in the webshop, please register the return via your customer account. To do this, you can select the order in your customer account and select the "Returns" field under "Actions". You can select the items you would like to return and will receive a GLS label by e-mail after completion. This e-mail also contains a description of how to proceed. If you do not have a customer account in the webshop, please register your return using the following link: https://www.steinbach-group.com/de/rma/guest/login/. Please have the following information ready:  Order number (You received this by e-mail after completing your order. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric value beginning with W.), invoice Surname (the surname with which the order was originally placed/the surname of the invoice recipient) and e-mail address (the e-mail address with which the order was originally placed).
Please note that the processing of the return may take some time. You can track when the goods have arrived at our house via the GLS tracking link. Please allow around 7 working days for the goods to be processed by us and for the goods to be recorded. After the return has been successfully checked, your money will be refunded via the original payment method. Klarna will send an email shortly after the return has been recorded with the corresponding credit, which will be transferred back accordingly.


After completing your order, Klarna will send you the relevant billing information by email. Please only use the bank details and payment references provided by Klarna. The payments from Klarna are read automatically and can therefore only be assigned with the correct payment reference and the correct amount. If these do not match, it is possible that the amount will be transferred back. If you have any questions about this, please contact Klarna customer service directly at https://www.klarna.com/at/kundenservice/.
Please contact Klarna customer service: https://www.klarna.com/at/kundenservice/. It may be that your payment was not processed correctly. Or maybe there was simply an overlap between your payment and the issue of the reminder.


This makes it easy to put the cover away without having to pump out the rainwater first. The size of the drainage holes has been chosen so that rainwater can run off but coarse dirt is retained. The ongoing cleaning effort and the use of water care products can thus be reduced.
The additional plastic strips secure your cover against lifting in the wind. 
A protective ground cover is used to protect the pool liner from dirt. Before you put it on, the ground must be clean of stones, wood or similar.
No, the cabrio dome must be dismantled at temperatures below 10°C.
The convertible dome is very wind-resistant and can be used up to a wind force of max. 3 - 4 Beaufort (max. 28 km/h). If the wind is stronger, it must be removed. 
Small holes can be repaired with a transparent UV-resistant and self-adhesive foil.
No, the pool roof must be dismantled in the event of strong winds.
No, the foil is not winterproof or frost-proof and has no snow load.
No, the manufacturing dimension can deviate due to the material, ambient temperature, etc.
The side with the air knobs must be on the surface of the water.
The small holes in the centre of the solar cover are for safety (same concept as the pool cover). In addition, small holes are distributed near the edge of the solar cover. Sometimes you may notice that the holes are not evenly spread. This will not affect the efficiency or life of your solar cover.
90% of the water heat escapes through the water surface. The use of solar covers significantly reduces this heat loss.
A 305 cm solar cover fits a 305 cm Frame Pool or Easy Pool; however, this does not mean that the solar cover has a diameter of 305 cm. Please bear in mind that there are two different values for the dimensions of solar covers.
No, due to the sun's rays and the lack of cooling by the water, the air knobs can burst.
With the straps and plastic plates included in the scope of delivery, the solar cover is directly connected to the retractor. This allows any type of solar cover to be attached. The solar tarp can be reinforced on the fastening side, but this is not mandatory. The distance between the straps and the retractor must be long enough for the solar cover to lie completely on the water surface when unrolled.
With this solar cover reel, the solar cover is connected to the aluminum shaft using rubber bands. For this to work, the solar cover must have eyelets on one narrow side. If this is not the case, it can be retrofitted with plastic eyelets at any time. There are plastic eyelets in the well-stocked hardware store. A connection without plastic eyelets is not possible, otherwise the solar cover will tear open.
In connection with this roll-up device, eyelets must be placed in the solar cover. These eyelets should always be mounted on the short side. E.g. for a solar tarp for an 8 x 4 m pool, the eyelets are mounted on the 4 m side.
Cover tarpaulins cover the pool 100 %. This also means that there is no pollution in the water. No pollution means less chemical consumption. By reducing evaporation, cooling of the pool water is also massively reduced.
Covers are laid over the entire surface of the water, pulled up to the side, placed over the handrail, folded down and then attached. This requires this excess. (Summer cover: oversize 70 cm = 35 cm per side, winter cover: oversize 130 cm = 65 cm per side) The winter cover is more oversized because the water level is lowered accordingly during the winter months. 
Unfortunately, we do not have these covers in our range.
For easier differentiation, as these covers have certain oversizes. Both are black on the underside. 
This has a light-reducing effect (light supports algae growth). 


The battery of your outdoor station could be empty, the signal of the outdoor station is not received, the outdoor station is too far away from the indoor station, or the wrong radio channel is set on the indoor station.


Included in the delivery is a lugged 38 mm hose with a length of 100cm, with which you can easily make the connection.
Up to 6 mats - please refer to the instruction manual for more detailed information.

Pool chemistry

Yes, but note the capacity. The filter system requires a minimum flow rate of 3,028 l/h.A sand filter system with a maximum flow rate of 15,140 l/h would be more efficient here. 
Yes, the main advantage of this cleaning process is that you do not need any additional cleaning agents - only water.
It is best to use our 2" double nipples (art.no. 062085) - Please note that you also need flat gaskets for sealing (art.no. 0409331).
This can sometimes happen due to production reasons; please refer to our notes in the operating instructions. Weak dripping is best eliminated by wrapping Teflon tape over the affected connections.

Pool ladders

No, they merely provide additional protection around the pool and can be used to be set under a pool ladder for example.

Filter unit accessories

For safety reasons, the UV lamp must first be connected and then the lid screwed down. As a result, the safety switch is released.The safety switch integrated in the screw cap otherwise prevents the lamp from being supplied with power.Please note: Every time the lamp is disconnected from the power supply, wait 2-3 minutes for the safety switch to release the power supply again.Only then can the lamp be reactivated by turning the lid open and closed.
Yes, the UV system can be used with an external timer.
For safety reasons, the external timer must first be connected and then the lid screwed on. As a result, the safety switch is released.Otherwise, the safety switch integrated in the screwed lid prevents the lamp from supplying power to the external timer.Please note: Every time the lamp is disconnected from the power supply, wait 2-3 minutes for the safety switch to release the power supply again.Only then can the lamp be reactivated by turning the lid open and closed.