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Safety ladder

For INTEX above-ground pools, there are safety ladders for easy entry and exit for heights from 91 cm to 107 cm and for pool depths of 122 cm and 132 cm.

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Safety ladders:

Safety ladders have removable outside steps, thus preventing unintentional access to the pool. The steps on the outside of the ladder can be easily and quickly removed or folded up by opening two hinged latches.

The ladders can be quickly and easily assembled as well as dismantled for storage. The safety ladders from Steinbach have a coated steel frame, the steps are equipped with an anti-slip surface for more safety.

Protective caps attached to the safety ladder counteract damage to the pool liner. The maximum load capacity of the safety ladders is 136 kilograms. For your safety, the ladder may only be used by one person at a time.

Please note that the safety ladder should be placed on a level surface. Check regularly that all screws are tight to ensure stability and safety.