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Special application

Special aids such as chlorine stabilizers and hardness stabilizers support the effect of chlorine and provide a remedy for water that is too hard. Chlorine stabilizers slow down the dissolution of chlorine on hot days, hardness stabilizers reduce limescale deposits caused by water that is too hard.

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Chlorine stabilisers

Chlorine decomposes relatively quickly, especially on hot days, which considerably reduces the disinfecting effect. The use of chlorine stabilisers is extremely advisable here - and even a small dosage has a great effect here - because the chlorine stabiliser granulate delays the decomposition of the chlorine and thus the water is disinfected better and for longer. Chlorine stabilisers also reduce the chlorine odour and can be stored for an unlimited period of time.

Hardness stabilizers

Hard bath water, which has a value of more than 7.0 or 7.4 on the scale, destroys the natural balance of acids and bases on the mucous membranes and the skin surface and can lead to increased irritation. A value above 7.4 gradually makes bath water cloudy, as more lime deposits are formed. The effect of flocculants and disinfectants is strongly inhibited by a value that is too high. The harder the water - which corresponds to pH-values from 7.0 - the more calcareous it is and the more lime deposits develop in the pool.

Hardness stabilisers reduce lime deposits and thus prevent water clouding. They have a stabilising effect on fluctuating pH values and bind existing metal ions in the pool water, which are often the cause of soiling. As a rule, it is sufficient to add the hardness stabiliser at the beginning of the bathing season. As with all chemical additives, please always observe the warnings.